The goal is the world´s purest metal mine

» Honoring local values

Work for at least 20 years

» Valuing tourism, nature and water system

Local actor — strongly based in Lapland

Hannukainen Mining was was founded to utilise to ore reserves of the Hannukainen ore deposit located in the municipality of Kolari, which have long history of mining operations.
Based on extensive surveys and previous mining operations that at least three metals can be mined from the Hannukainen deposit: iron, copper, and gold.

Hannukainen Mining aims to bring sustainable wellbeing to Lapland. When planning mining activities, the company takes account of local needs and values, such as employment, tourism, the operational viability of other industries, and the environment. It is important for the company to operate locally and to primarily use services and
workforce from Kolari.
The company is owned by Tapojärvi Oy, a Finnish family-owned business based in Kolari.