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Published: March 19, 2019

The conference room of the town hall of Kolari was full of people on Monday evening. In addition to the 80 people gathered in the room there were 120 people attending the event virtually. 

The topic of the discussion was important: the water treatment of Hannukainen mining project.

At first Maija Vidqvist introduced the current situation of the water treatment plans and then Leif Ramm-Schmidt gave a speech about the fears and suspicions caused by the project. He was representing the people who own holiday homes in the area.

Constructive questions and comments came up in the panel discussion, both for and against the mining project.

When things are done as well as possible, Lapland will be grateful, summarized Elias Teriö, the project manager of the project Fish Tourism on Tornionjoki and Muonionjoki rivers.This is a common project of Pello, Kolari, Muonio and Enontekiö municipalities.

The video of the discussion is available on the official website of Kolari.  

New, lower limit values 

Earlier this month Hannukainen Mining gave the authorities the water treatment plan in which some specifications were made. At the moment the company is preparing to give their responses to the issues that came up in the statements. 

– We don’t want to build the water treatment of the mine based merely on calculations or Excel charts. Instead, we want to focus on piloting, measurements, testing and experience. By using methods with verified reliability and that are tailored to our project we ensure that we won’t damage water bodies, project manager Jaana Koivumaa points out.

  • Now we know what we are able to do with the proper water treatment. We will apply for limit values for the waste water that are lower than the values in our previous permit application, says Koivumaa.