Demand for iron is rising- copper and gold bring additional benefits

Setting up a mining operation is expensive, but the investment is worthwhile in the long run. Mining companies produce raw materials to meet the needs of society. The need and demand for raw materials have increased in recent years due to factors such as China’s economic growth.

The investments in the Hannukainen mine will be EUR 200-300 million, used for example build the concentration plant, water treatment and infrastructure, for example. The goal is to outsource the associated services to local companies.

A financial forecast suggests that turnover would be approximately EUR 220 million a year, or approximately EUR 3,850 million when calculated using a ton price of $80/62% Fe concentrate.

Iron ore is quoted at 62% Fe CFR concentrate worldwide. The Hannukainen concentrate is richer, with a 70% Fe content. The price of the high grade concentrates is 10-15% higher.

Demand for high-quality concentrates tends to remain high even during recessions, which means steady demand for demand for the high grade Fe CFR concentrate.

”Copper's share of total productionvalue is nearly one third."

The price of 62% Fe iron concentrate is counted for 80 USD/t. On September 14,  2018, it was quoted at 68 USD/t.
The price has varied over the last five years between 39 and 154 USD/t.

The ore at Hannukainen also contains copper, and will yield around 40,000 tons/year of copper and gold concentrate. The current (18.9.2018) copper price is USD 2,667/pound. 

Gold is quoted at 1.205 USD/ounce (17.9.2018). A gold content of 8 g/t in the concentrate, equals a yield of around 320 kg gold per year.