Mining operation do not prevent aurora from being seen

No plans yet exist on the lighting of the Hannukainen mine site or the Rautuvaara concentration plant, so the evaluation of the landscape effects of lighting is based on the assumed intensity and location of the lighting. In areas related to the mining project, there is a need for lighting in the industrial areas and the area being mined around the clock.

Because the lighting is focused on active working areas, little scattered light will occur elsewhere in the surroundings or the sky. 

In addition to the mine site and its immediate surroundings, lighting will affect the landscape at night. For example, the lighting in the Rautuvaara and Hannukainen areas, as seen from Yllästunturi, is detected as new light points in the otherwise rather dark landscape.

The lights of the mine do not prevent aurora from being seen in areas with a focus on tourism. This was confirmed at the open pit mine of Boliden Aitik in Gällivare, where mining has been going on for several years.

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