Minimising the environmental impacts

Mining operations always result in environmental impacts. In the re-opening of the Hannukainen mine, an attempt has been made to find the option that burdens the environment the least:

  • Blasting will be done on predetermined times, and information about them will be provided to the local residents.
  • The crushing plant is located underground at Hannukainen. This will substantially reduce dust, vibration, and noise pollution.
  • The new concentration plant will be built in Rautuvaara, in the area between the road and railway. As a result, the water systems of both Niesajoki and Äkäsjoki will remain untouched.
  • Tailings will be stored at the existing tailings pond area at Rautuvaara.
  • The ore will be transported to concentration plant by a belt conveyor. The conveyors route will take in to account the movement routes of the free herding reindeers.
  • The overburden and wasterock dumping areas will be located in the area between Hannukainen and Kuervitikko. These areas have been carefully planned for low ground, bearing in mind the direction of groundwater flow.
  • SThe upper surfaces of the surrounding waste rock piles will remain below the height of the surrounding terrain. The overburden will be used for landscaping. Landscaping will start during production, when an area is taken out of use.
  • The aim is to use industrial residual resources as much as possible in the base and surface structures of the waste rock piles.
  • All water produced by the mining operations will be treated in a purification process and the purified water will be fed into the Muonionjoki river after exiting the clarification pond.

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