Mining has a low impact on the noise levels of the area 

Mining operations cause all kinds of noises. Noise is caused by blasting, mining, crushing, and traffic. To minimise the environmental impact mining operations cause, we measured the environmental noise and vibrations of the Hannukainen mine and surroundings during the test operations between July 11 and September 14, 2017. Noise monitoring was carried out even before work began, so that the background noise, too, could be taken into account. The effect of mining operations on noise levels in the area was examined on days when blasting took place and the ore was piled at the mine site.

The noise from work done in the mine site, blast signals, and the actual blasting could be clearly heard at measuring point MP1, located closest to the test pit. These sounds were also heard at measuring point MP2, albeit more faintly.
Blasting sounds could be variably heard at measuring points MP3, MP4, and MP5.
At these points, blasting sounds are at times covered by traffic and wind noises. At the other measuring points, the sounds could not be distinguished from ambient noise.
In sum, based on the measurement results, mining operations do not play an important role in the sound levels in the area.

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