Noise and dust from the mine will not exceed the noise and dust limits

The construction of a protective wall between the mine site and the houses along Äkäsjoki river will reduce the noise, dust, and pressure wave effects as well as reduce the risk of flying rocks.

At the border of the mine site closest to the village of Hannukainen, a protective wall will be built. As a result, noise and dust from the mine will not exceed the noise and dust limits set by the government.

The protective wall will be built using overburden - such as moraine, stripped from the mining area. The slopes of the protective wall is planned to to have a gradient of 1:2-
1:3. The most significant landscape effect of the protective wall is focused on the Hannukainen village, where the new large element will at times be located quite near the inhabited area.

Viewed from Ylläksentie, the protective wall will mainly be left in a blind spot due to the terrain and trees. The protective wall will not be extensively visible from roads further away than the Hannukainen village. When travelling along Ylläksentie towards Hannukainen, drivers may be able to see the protective wall close to Puukonniva, for about two kilometres before the road descends towards Äkäsjoki. 

The protective wall will only be visible within a narrow area, and the wall is no higher than other elements in the landscape. In a landscape seen from far away, the protective walls may sometimes be seen from high and open viewing locations, such as the top and western hillside of Ylläs and Kuertunturi.

LENGTH: 3,340 m
WIDTH: 60-185 m
HEIGHT: 6-35 m

Animation of the visibility of the protective wall to Ylläksentie

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