Mining operation for 20 years

The Hannukainen mine site is located in the municipality of Kolari. From the top of Ylläs, the distance to the mining area is 10 kilometres, and 25 kilometres from the municipality centre of Kolari. The mine site is not located on Natura 2000 area or protected areas of old forests.

Hannukainen has an ore reserve of 136 million tons. According to the environmental license application, the highest amount of annual mining is 6.5 million tons. According to maximum mining, there is ore for 17 years. Operations would continue for more than 20 years.

The mining project is in the permit application stage. The mine plans and schedules referred to in this paper may develop and change as the project progresses.

The plans for the Hannukainen mine include landscaping of the area for both coming operations as well as repairing traces left behind by previous mining companies.

The plan is to do the mining process as enviromentally friendly way as possible.
The rushing will be done in a modern crushing plant to be located underground at Hannukainen. From there, the crushed ore will be transported by the belt conveyor across a distance of eight kilometres to Rautuvaara, where a new concentration plant will be built. 
The tailings will be deposited at the existing tailings pond area at Rautuvaara. The tailings pond will be renovated. The removed waste rock and overburden will be placed in the area between Hannukainen and Kuervitikko. 
Water processing has been planned in such a manner that the impact on the Muonionjoki and Tornionjoki rivers will be insignificant.

Water treatment
The planning is based on the lowest possible usage of fresh water intake as well as recycling of process water within the concentration plant, by means of clarification and thickening. Recycling will be increased so that water from the tailings pond is used again in order to prepare water for use in the concentration plant by means of reverse osmosis technology. After leaving the clarification ponds, purified excess water from the mine will be fed along a discharge pipe into the Muonionjoki river. No water will be discharged into the Äkäsjoki river.

All concentrates will be transported by train. More than 2 million tons of concentrates by rail means roughly two 600-metre-long trains per day.

Work force
During construction, it has been calculated that Hannukainen Mining would create around 500 direct jobs, and when in full operation approximately 300, excluding the multiplicative effect. 

Planning video shows changes in the landscape