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Published: May 30, 2019

The response was given to the regional state administrative agency of Northern Finland by the deadline on Wednesday. In accordance with the permit procedure Hannukainen Mining is giving their response to the statements, notes and opinion on the application.

Common concern about the water bodies

Concern about the emissions and their impact on the waterways, especially on Muonionjoki river,  has come up in the statements, notes and opinions. 

The water treatment plan is attached to the response. For example the decrease in the heavy metal concentrations of the waste water continues. This issue has been a cause for concern in the permit statements and opinions. . 

  • The specified water treatment plans affect many things and therefore both the calculations of the environmental load and the impact on the biota and the quality of water bodies will be updated later this year, as a supplement to the environmental permit application, says Jaana Koivumaa. 

Both the control plan for the tailings and the closing plan will be updated in the supplement. 

As soon as Hannukainen Mining has the emission calculations published in Kaunis Iron Ab’s environmental permit application, the combined impact of the projects can also be updated.

  • It is important to clarify all the plans and the impact estimates of the project. This way we can control and minimize the risks and the effect on the environment. We want to create sustainable, domestic mining operations, says Koivumaa.
  • The whole environmental permit application is available here: