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Tapojärvi Oy

Hannukainen Mining Oy is owned by Tapojärvi Oy, a Finnish family-owned business based in Kolari. The Kolari – based family company bought all the rights and exploration materials related to the project from the bankrupt estate of Northland Mines Oy. The iron, copper, and gold deposits of the Hannukainen area will now be utilised domestically.

Tapojärvi enjoys a long history of diverse mining projects, material handling as well as managing factory and industrial processes in different parts of Finland and Sweden.

Tapojärvi takes the environment into account in its operations, and keeps seeking new solutions that support the principles of sustainable development and affect the environment as little as possible. The company engages in continuous development and research of utilisation of industrial side streams and reusable materials.

Tapojärvi has two unique valorisation plants in Tornio, where by-products of ferrochrome and refined steel slag are made into their own CE-marked products. Construction of a third concentration plant is being planned.

Tapojärvi have over 650 in-house experts working in 12 different locations aroud Europe.

Tapojärvi Oy has been certified according to ISO 9001 standards. Our health and safety management system is based on ISO 45001 standard.
Tapojärvi was rewarded as the best slag handler in the world in 2010 in Sydney, Australia. In 2019 the company received a Global slag innovation award. In October 2019 Tapojärvi was named as Entrepreneur of the Year.