Work for at least 20 years

During construction, it has been calculated that Hannukainen Mining would create around 500 direct jobs, and when in full operation approximately 300, excluding the multiplicative effect. In accordance with the regional economic assessment, the mining activities would have a notable multiplicative effect in the area, and the mine investment would diversify the area’s economic structure.

A survey was performed by the Ruralia Institute of the University of Helsinki on the development and challenges of the Finnish mining sector between 2010 and 2020. According to this survey, during its first ten years of operation, the mine at Hannukainen would increase employment in Lapland by an average of 713 person-workyears each year. The standard of living would increase by the average of EUR 172 million per year during the first ten years of operation. The effect of the mine on employment and the standard of living would peak in the fourth year after the beginning of construction. At that point, the investment stage would still be underway and production would have risen to its normal level.

A regional economic assessment of Kolari was performed under commission by the municipality of Kolari, and under the guidance of a steering group monitoring the reciprocal effect of the Hannukainen mine project in March-June of 2017. The goal of the regional economic assessment was to illustrate how the implementation, or non-implementation, of the Hannukainen mine project would economically affect the regional economy of Kolari. According to the results, the turnover of the mine at maximum production is higher than the total turnover of the other sectors.

The mining of metal ore and other mining operations and quarrying employ approximately 4,500 people in Finland. A great deal of these jobs are located in the northern municipalities, such as Kittilä, Sodankylä, Tornio, Sotkamo and Kemi. The mines create jobs in other sectors as well. It has been calculated that one mining job creates 2.5 to 3.5 jobs elsewhere in the refining chain.

In other municipalities in Lapland, the launch of mining operations has created demand and jobs in sectors such as the metal and engineering industry, construction, accommodation and restaurant services, healthcare, and various maintenance services.