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The versatile range of activities in mining and industrial processes offers tasks for professionals in various fields. We value all kinds of skills.
People from a range of sectors are employed by Hannukainen Mining and Tapojärvi, including engineers, geologists, economic experts, communications and IT specialists, machine drivers, professionals in the quarrying and processing field, and specialists in the maintenance of heavy equipment. The duties of clerical employees vary from operational management to various specialist and development tasks. Most of our staff live in northern Finland.

Are you interested in working at Hannukainen Mining Oy? As the mining project progresses, we will employ more experts. You can already submit an application - we will contact you in case jobs corresponding your expertise will open. Please notice that by submitting an open application, you also apply for other open or opening jobs at Tapojärvi concern. 

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Teemu Isometsä's interview