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Published: September 9, 2021

Tapojärvi has attracted particular interest in the sector’s labour market during the current year. By the end of August, 820 jobseekers have applied for a job at Tapojärvi. The company has received a total of 908 applications.

“The number of applicants has increased steadily in recent years, but there has been a clear spike in their number in the past year. Right now, we have around a dozen vacancies at Tapojärvi. During the current year, Tapojärvi has hired just under a hundred employees for Yara’s mining services in Siilinjärvi alone as part of the alliance, which is set to start at the beginning of next year. Many dozens more will be recruited during the autumn,” says Janne Alatalo, the Chief Administrative Officer at Tapojärvi. Diverse activities in mining and industrial processes provide work for professionals from different sectors. Currently, there are vacancies available for machine operators and heavy equipment installers.

“We foresee an increase in our personnel count also during the next financial year. Tapojärvi is considered an excellent employer and we have plenty of work, which is probably a contributing factor in the increase in applicant numbers. We are a desirable workplace for professionals in this sector and want to attract the best talent to join us,” Alatalo says.

Safety, quality and cost-effectiveness at the heart of things

In 2020, the number of employees working for the Tapojärvi Group increased by 31%. The growth was boosted by the Group’s new international service contracts in Italy, Sweden and Finland.

“Our growth started from our customers’ need for high-quality services that support their production safely and cost-effectively. They needed a service provider that has the capacity for flexibility at short notice and the ability to provide solutions to ever-changing production situations. When we make sure we can offer these things in our everyday work, while keeping things clear and simple at the same time, there is no barrier to growth,” says Chief Operating Officer Martti Kaikkonen from Tapojärvi.

Tapojärvi’s third valorisation plant in Italy is close to completion and will be put into operation shortly. The company also has a number of ongoing development projects in cooperation with its customers.

“Our strategic goals include circular economy solutions and their development. We need to earn our customers’ trust again and again every day, and we all have a responsibility to make sure we do, whatever our job is,” Kaikkonen emphasises.

Circular economy offers new business opportunities

Tapojärvi’s core competencies are mining and plant services, as well as circular economy solutions. Of the seven Tapojärvi companies, four are part of the Group: Tapojärvi Oy, Tapojärvi Italia S.r.l, Tapojärvi Sverige Ab and Hannukainen Mining Oy.

Currently, the Tapojärvi Group employs 656 people, 527 of whom are employed by Tapojärvi Oy.

Tapojärvi has a dedicated research and development team that creates new products and services and develops sustainable and effective ways of operating for the large-scale industry.

According to Mari Pilventö, Interim CEO of Tapojärvi, innovation has become the company’s lifeblood.

It is extremely important to bring together industrial side streams, various types of slag and industrial sectors, and to seek comprehensive benefits. New circular economy solutions reduce strain on the environment and save natural resources.

“Circular economy solutions can also be targeted at new industries, which will create new business,” Pilventö says.