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Sustainable operations for the entire lifecycle of the mine

Hannukainen Mining is participating in several environmental projects, such as the program to make Finland a forerunner in the sustainable extractive industry.

In accordance with the sustainable mining system, we are committed to adhering to sustainable operating principles from the viewpoint of the natural environment, people and the economy. Sustainable mining operations cover the entire project lifecycle, from prospecting to closing the mine and follow-up actions.

The sustainable mining system provides mining companies with concrete instructions on sustainable activities. The system is also used to assess and verify the commitment of member companies to common ground rules. The Board of the Finnish Network for Sustainable Mining decides on the companies to be included in the scope of the mining responsibility system.

Good results for a developing organisation

In 2017, a sustainability tool was made for Hannukainen Mining in cooperation with the Aalto University, Digipolis, and the State Technical Research Centre (VTT). This is a national project.

The idea of the tool is to examine the sustainability of industrial operations by giving equal consideration to the environmental, economic and social dimensions.

The tool will be developed to illustrate matters so that possible deficiencies can be detected in time and corrected, if necessary.

The total sustainability score was -3.0 on a scale where the best value is -5 and the worst 5. This result can be considered very good for a developing organisation.

The results obtained indicate that each sector still has room for improvement, but as the mine project is still being planned, it is only natural that deficiencies exist.

Most improvement is required in reporting as well as the drafting and development of operating instructions. The management organisation, too, is still developing, because most of the aforementioned matters concern the operations of the mother company, Tapojärvi Oy.

Environmental sustainability -2.4
Social sustainability -3.4
Economic sustainability -3.1
Total sustainability -3.0

(grading, good -5, bad +5)

Aiming for a genuine cooperation

Hannukainen Mining finds it important to have a factbased, open, constructive and continuous dialogue with various interest groups.
Our policy involves communication with the authorities first, and then with our other interest groups. We do not take part in social media discussions, but share information on our own website, via an electronic newsletter, and at meetings.
We firmly believe that our mine and tourism can fit under into the same community and boost Lapland’s commercial activities and those of Kolari in particular.

Interaction with interest groups has been ongoing since 2017. The Kolari municipality interaction workgroup has organised information evenings at the town hall, in which
the plans for the mine projects have been discussed by theme. Hannukainen Mining has taken part in several events, seminars and exhibitions. These events have dealt with the project plans, and have involved discussions and recording the questions of interest groups. The aim has been to answer all questions as soon as the answer is available.

”In face-to-face discussions, different questions emerged to those asked in info sessions. We have been able to illustrate the environmental impact of the mine in relation to the questioner’s own concerns, specific area, home, or cottage. At the same time, we have got to know each other, making repeat contacts easier.”

We’ll be glad to come tell more about our project to local communities. Please contact us by email at info(at)

Developing a management tool for mine closure

Mine projects are unique industrial projects due to their naturally limited lifespan. The closure process of a mine is very important to the European mining industry. Guaranteeing operations in inhabited areas requires excellent environmental knowledge gathered from all mine projects.
Closing a mine is a long and continuous process which begins as early as the planning stage of the mine, because the closure of the mine and the time period after its closure are key factors in reducing its environmental impact.

The time period following a closure provides plenty of potential due to the sustainable regional benefits of the mine, if the closure is planned and dealt with appropriately.
Hannukainen Mining is participating in the Closurematic project, which involves developing and improving the closure of mines through digitalisation.
During the project, the aim is to establish a system with, for example, templates and instructions for preparing a mine closure plan, the availability of technical support, information gathering and management, as well as a range of tools for monitoring and managing the closure process.

The project will last for three years and is being coordinated by the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). Other cooperation partners include French Geological Survey (BRGM), DMT consultation group (TÜV Nord Group), M-solutions R&D Oy, and Hannukainen Mining Oy.