Good results for a developing organisation

In 2017, a sustainability tool was made for Hannukainen Mining in cooperation with the Aalto University, Digipolis, and the State Technical Research Centre (VTT). This is a national project.

The idea of the tool is to examine the sustainability of industrial operations by giving equal consideration to the environmental, economic and social dimensions.

The tool will be developed to illustrate matters so that possible deficiencies can be detected in time and corrected, if necessary.

The total sustainability score was -3.0 on a scale where the best value is -5 and the worst 5. This result can be considered very good for a developing organisation.

The results obtained indicate that each sector still has room for improvement, but as the mine project is still being planned, it is only natural that deficiencies exist.

Most improvement is required in reporting as well as the drafting and development of operating instructions. The management organisation, too, is still developing, because most of the aforementioned matters concern the operations of the mother company, Tapojärvi Oy.

Environmental sustainability -2.4
Social sustainability -3.4
Economic sustainability -3.1
Total sustainability -3.0

(grading, good -5, bad +5)