Aiming for a genuine cooperation

Hannukainen Mining finds it important to have a factbased, open, constructive and continuous dialogue with various interest groups.
Our policy involves communication with the authorities first, and then with our other interest groups. We do not take part in social media discussions, but share information on our own website, via an electronic newsletter, and at meetings.
We firmly believe that our mine and tourism can fit under into the same community and boost Lapland’s commercial activities and those of Kolari in particular.

Interaction with interest groups has been ongoing since 2017. The Kolari municipality interaction workgroup has organised information evenings at the town hall, in which
the plans for the mine projects have been discussed by theme. Hannukainen Mining has taken part in several events, seminars and exhibitions. These events have dealt with the project plans, and have involved discussions and recording the questions of interest groups. The aim has been to answer all questions as soon as the answer is available.

”In face-to-face discussions, different questions emerged to those asked in info sessions. We have been able to illustrate the environmental impact of the mine in relation to the questioner’s own concerns, specific area, home, or cottage. At the same time, we have got to know each other, making repeat contacts easier.”

We'll be glad to come tell more about our project to local communities. Please contact us by email at info@hannukainenmining.fi.

The mine is considered important
In the summer of 2018, Hannukainen Mining performed an interest group survey, which revealed that the respondents had a positive overall view of the project. 
More than 90 percent of the respondents considered the mine project important for the region. Mining operations were regarded as improving employment and increasing business activities in the municipality. Environmental issues caused the most concern.
86 percent of the respondents do not believe that the location of the mine near Ylläs has an effect on tourism. The respondents also believed that the local railway will be electrified if the mine is opened.

The survey was conducted on two successive weekends. 29.6.-1.7. At the KesäKolari event and the Open doors-event at Hannukainen on July 7, 2018. A total of 110 people responded to the survey, 79 percent of whom were residents of the municipality. 18 percent of the respondents were holiday residents and travellers, and the rest were from other interest groups.