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Published: October 20, 2019

Tapojärvi has grown into an international multifunctional company by doing things continuously better, by developing and by listening to its customers.

Tapojärvi has operated in the field of industrial circular economy and mining and industrial services for almost 65 years. The company has eight locations in Finland, one in Sweden and one in Italy.

Tapojärvi is constantly developing and doing research to advance the mining and industrial sector.

– At the moment we are investing especially in circular economy and we work in close cooperation with the steel industry and mines. We carry responsibility for safety, our employees, the environment and the local people, says Mari Pilventö, the acting CEO of the company.

The history of Tapojärvi began in 1955 when Esko Tapojärvi started a logistics company in Muonio. The operations expanded soon to mining and industrial services, and the children also got involved in the business. Today the third generation is already working for the company.

Tapojärvi has two unique slag valorisation plants and the third plant is being constructed in Italy. Tapojärvi also owns Hannukainen Mining Oy, which is applying for a licence to open a domestic multi-metal mine in Kolari.

– A big part of our operations is located in northern Finland. It is important to us that there’s vitality and work in Lapland, also in the future, says Joonas Tapojärvi, the production manager of the company.

The national entrepreneurship award winners were chosen by a jury, which consisted of representatives from the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, the Association for Finnish Work, Private Entrepreneur Foundation and Fennia.

-This award belongs to all our employees and customers. From the board to the foremen and all operators; every single one is a great innovator. It is incredible to work with 500 heroes, says Mari Pilventö, expressing her gratitude.

Tapojärvi Oy
Founder: Esko Tapojärvi
CEO, acting: Mari Pilventö
Corporate domicile: Kolari
Main office: Tornio
Employees: 500
Turnover: 115.7 million euros (accounting period 7/2017-2018)