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Published: May 30, 2019

n the second announcement of the environmental permit application we paid attention to the challenging data as it is demanding to understand the whole picture. The data includes several supplemental documents plus the attachments in addition to the actual permit document and its attachments. 

We have specified and supplemented the project plans fairly often during the application process which has lasted for 3.5 years already.

  • The authorities make the decision in accordance with the permit process and paying attention to the statements and responses given during the process. However, we are preparing a document which makes comprehending the permit application easier. It will be published on the website of the company soon, says project manager Koivumaa. 

The structure of the document is made more simple in oder to give people direct access from one document to all documents related to the issue. This way we have all the latest information in one package and easily accessible. 

– We hope that we can publish the document in the summer as it is now being checked and linked to the other documents.